November 07, 2005


Hey hey hey lovers(sorry I've been caught up in the What's Happening marathon)
but I love you all like lovers...especially you over there licking your me!
All is good in the world of Hollyhood,except where the hell is the fall foliage?There is hardly any foliage here in NYC.Let's blame Bush just for the hell of it.So how are you? Great...there's an ointment for that.I on the other hand am in a really great mood,for no reason,,,aren't those the best?

Welcome to today's edition of HollyHood Blogazine.It's really a good one if I should say so myself.
The Gossip 2 Go is juicy as always.
Janet is the latest casualty on my HollyHood Shame on You.
In the Have U Seen column I got lots of pics for ya.
I aslo had a really interesting fake interview with the one and only Mariah Carey.

So sit back and scroll on down,you're in da hood now baby! Smooches!!

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