November 18, 2005


Hey lovers...I loves you all like lovers,well not you with the cowboy hat,leg warmers and chinese slippers on.

Are we all ready for Tyra to get all up in Naomi's face tonight on the Tyra Banks Show? I am so waiting to see if Naomi is going to beat Tyra's
I was all ready to not like Tyra but I am not only liking her recently but really looking up to her as a future mogul.I respect her hustle.

I just wanted to let everyone know that next week will be Single,Sexy,and So What Week.
There will be articles and humorous accounts of dating experiences,a look at the worst celeb couples(nothing makes a single person feel better than to see a couple in a little trouble),how to stuff, sex,and should be kinda fun,we'll see.
So if there's anything dating related you'd like discussed or you yourself have a funny experience...e-mail me @
Gay,straight,male,female or all of the above...feel free to drop a message.

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