November 23, 2005


I went on a double date tonight with my best girlfriend...Gary.For a little experiment he went on a site called adam 4 adam and I took my chance with a telephone chatline.I thought this would be different because:
1-I've never used a service of any kind to get a date.
2-I don't usually date OJ's (Ordinary Joe's).Sorry,well not really sorry but it sounded less stank than I don't date OJ's.

It took my friend Gary no more than 20 minutes to find him a guy for my little experiment. His already made profile (which he claims was an old one he never uses) has 2 pictures of him, a cute face shot and a pic with him with no shirt on.His stats were accurate and he said that he was looking for a masculine guy in NYC looking to have a good time,no sex.He got instant messages from all types of guys...but he settled on a cute Latino from Brooklyn.
Gary looks like a really handsome football player but not as bulky,he's really smart and could talk about anything,he's a great catch and like myself he's a serial dater.

I on the other hand used a chat phone line to use as my guinea pig.There must have been about 50 or more guys talking in the same "thuggish" voice,with outgoing messages saying how they looked and what they wanted.

After about 1/2 an hour I finally found a guy that was willing to meet for a double date,after I expressed that I'd be paying(since he didn't get his check yet)I would never date a guy that only gets 1 check..and to have to wait for it?Where is his savings or credit cards?Why was he looking for a date?...sad.
Well he wanted me to send him a pic via my cell phone,even though I didn't want to I let Gary take my pic on his phone and he sent it.Leron(his real name) sent me back his pic...alright looking...light brown,dreads,almond eyed,full lips and a goatee.

So since I was paying I figured we would do dinner at one of my fave places...Cipriani 42nd Street.A little pricey for some but I just had this taste for Italian and Cipriani is one of the best.Leron said that he also loves Italian and I told him that he might have to dress up a little(I'm not sure if there was a dress code but he wouldn't feel comfortable in jeans if everybody was in suits)
On any given night you could see Beyonce and Jay-Z or Mary J.,Diddy,I saw Jessica Simpson there the last time I went(she was with her father and another guy that I think was interviewing her).

The reservations were for 7pm and as me and Gary got out the cab to wait inside for our dates,I started to get a little nervous.Not really nervous...sweeties I'm gorgeous and I was paying.I was more anxious.I was dressed really simple and classy.I wore a DKNY black empire waist dress, my fave diamond hoop earrings,my grayish silver YSL clutch and black Donna Karan stilettos with 2 large diamond like stones on the straps.

The latino,Edwin,or eddie he said to call him,got there first.Dressed kind of casual but appropriate.Very Banana Republic.He was cuter in person than on the internet.He had on a little too much cologne but his perfect teeth made up for any small flaws I could find...Gary was fucking pleased.I started to get even more anxious because Gary and Eddie instantly hit it off talking about fashion and Colombia(where Eddie is from)...8pm and in walked perfection..not my date Leron.It was Susan her,met her a few times at a charity we both belong to(and you guys thought I was just a gossiping fabulous chica from NYC,I am but I'm so much more.The readers of my other blog know this)
Susan Lucci of course did not remember me but pretended she did..but her dress was beautiful and the shoes were fab.

8:15 and I was still getting Leron's voicemail..we decided to order hors d'oeuvres and drinks.i had the grilled shrimp on skewers and some of Gary's baby artichokes alla romana...delicious!!
8:25 and I get a phone was Leron,we're here.I said who's we? He said he brought his cousin since it was a double date.I informed him that the other dates were made already and all he said was oh.So now we were about to have my gay friend Gary,his date Eddie,my fabulous ass,Leron,and his cousin.
Find out how this shit ends on was an experience.

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