November 21, 2005


Date- a social engagement between two persons that often has a romantic character.

Dating is an art.From the moment you walk out the door every person you see and sees you has the possibilty of being a potential date.Or if you're one of those that prefer meeting someone through bars,parties,supermarkets,bookstores,AA meetings,prison,etc..then you are oh too familiar with the almost "dance" that it takes to flirt,get a number,and ask or get asked on a date.

WHAT? My assistant told me that whay should she date...she doesn't need a man.

Ladies ladies ladies.I know that it was discovered in the late 80's that women don't need men for anything and I'd like to have a one on one convo with the lesbian that started that.Sure, we can make our own money,buy our own homes,and do any job just as well(or better) than a man but sweeties it's that kind of thinking that has got you sitting alone on a Friday night after a long day at your job,sitting on the furniture that you bought,in the empty house that you paid for.I personally feel like there is nothing wrong with having some great companionship,some great companionship that also freaks you the way that you want to be.

I'm not saying that you have to go and get married(hell no) I'm not even saying that it has to be the same man every week that you go out with.
I personally am a chronic dater...I love dating.I think getting to know a person through hanging out and phone calls was one of the best things invented.One of the things I hate most is an insta-relationship.That is when you went out once or twice and you figure that this person is ok and you devote all your time and effort to this one person and you both fall into this relationship that neither of you discussed but it happened.You gotta compare shop ladies,this is not Prada we don't just walk right in and buy off the rack without going to other stores and making sure we're getting the best deal.

I think this era of insta-relationships came about from the lack of good men that I hear about and the rise of sexual disease and the growing fear of being old and alone.And because of this,we forgot the art of going out and going on that hunt...don't just be also have to hunt.

So welcome to SEXY SINGLE AND SO WHAT WEEK.The entire week will be dedicated to dating tips,sex tips,where to meet guys,how to find rich dates,average joes,smart men,gay men,beautiful women,desperate women,how to guides,dating disasters, embarassing dates,and perfect dates,how the celeb dates.AND my assistant and I will be going out speed dating,a double blind date,and to a singles bar just to bring you back shit that we've learned and experienced first hand....FUN.

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