November 25, 2005


I thought you'd be skinnier.
So do you have any cute single friends you could hook me up with?
I know you suck dick with those juicy lips.
Is that weave 100% human hair?
Can I watch you pee?
Damn my underarms stink.
Gonnorhea wasn't as bad as I thought.
You look just like Halle Berry if she never made it.
I only got 5" but I know how to use it.
I only got 5 dollars but I know how to use it.
Can I borrow 5 dollars? I need to use it.
You look just like my wife when you say that.
If you pay,I promise to call you.
I came in first place as Beyonce in a drag show.
How do you know when you have crabs?
I would have called you last week but one of my hoes ain't have my money.

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