November 29, 2005


The iLoad rips tracks directly off of CDs and uploads them to your iPod.
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The Bare Blaster uses a propane torch to cut through the ice on your driveway. Order the Bare Blaster from for $39.95 (US).

The phone will be available at select retail stores for the grand price of $249.99.
The Motorola RAZR Magenta touts the same performance as the original model, boasting features like a VGA digital camera, picture caller ID*, MPEG4 video playback and quad-band world-phone technology.
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The Sound Pillow can be hooked up to any music player with a head phone jack. It surrounds your head with stereo sound, and it won't even bother your partner. Price: $49.95 Product Page

If you thought a Vertu cellphone with a price tag of almost $90,000, was very expensive, then thing again. According to and Via Gadgetcandy, An Austrian craftsman will be crafting the first million dollar cell phone. Whaaaat..... Yep $1million. I know some of you are saying "It better be drivable and have enough room to live in." More info>>>

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