December 14, 2005


I have no wedding plans, Beyonce told AP Television News last weekend, denying recent rumors that a possible 2006 trip to the altar with boyfriend Jay-Z was in the works for next year.
No, I'm not rushing," she continued. "I'm 24 years old!"
Beyonce spoke with reporters Sunday at the Los Angeles-area Lakewood Robinsons-May store as a crowd of about 3,000 came out to see the singer plug her second signature fragrance, Tommy Hilfiger's True Star Gold.
"I had True Star originally," she said. "And it was a reflection of my true self, of Beyonce. It was really private, and not overbearing. And this is True Star Gold. Gold is my favorite color, and it, basically, is a reflection of 'Sasha,' who is my personality on the stage. You can see in all the ads: I have the hair blowin', the fierce makeup, the smoky eyes, the mic. It's more sexy. It's more outgoing. It's the type of fragrance you would wear if you had a hot date or you're going out, having a 'Sex and the City' night with your girlfriends."
But back to the Jay-Z wedding rumors. The former Destiny's Child member was asked why these recent reports of a wedding were so widespread all of a sudden.
"They've been saying it about every celebrity forever," she replied, shaking her head. "It's not personal. They just do it to everyone.'
Meanwhile, Beyonce says she’s looking forward to spending the holidays chowing down on her mama's good cooking.
'I'm trying to watch my weight because I know when I get home I'm gonna probably gain five pounds, because I'm gonna eat that food five days in a row," she laughs. "I always eat it for a week after she cooks it. I can't wait."

An up-and-coming rapper from Ohio, who went by the name Mr. Pit, died on November 19 after accidentally shooting himself in the head with a pen gun. Mr. Pit, real name Steven Zorn, was celebrating an impending record deal with friends on November 18, when -- in a drunken state -- took out a pen guy a friend had given him days earlier and placed it to his head. Believing the gun was jammed and would not fire, the rapper clicked it three times, before the .25-caliber bullet was released from the chamber, fatally wounding him. Read more

Tyra Banks claims her first kiss was like having a slug thrust into hermouth.The sexy model said her first snog - at 13 - was the most disgustingexperience she has ever endured.She confessed on her TV show 'The Tyra Banks Show': "He tried to kiss me in the movies and he put his tongue in my mouth. It felt like a worm, like a slug in my mouth!."It was the most disgusting feeling in the world! And I was like, 'I don'tlike to kiss like that,' pretending that I kiss all the time, I just don'tlike it like that ... I couldn't look at him after that and a week later hedumped me."The beauty was later left stunned when her childhood kisser walked on stagein a surprise appearance.The surprised star said: "Oh my god, I can't believe it! You know, you brokemy heart!"

NEW Superman Brandon Routh is giving movie chiefs a mighty headache — with his supersize LUNCHBOX.
Hollywood executives have ordered the makers of Superman Returns to cover up the rookie actor’s blockbuster bulge.

Kanye West and Shakira are among those performing at MTV's New Year's Eve bash.

Sanaa Lathan - who'll be on the cover of Essence's March issue - was complaining the other day about the mag's allegedly "tabloid-like measures" in grilling her over unsubstantiated Internet rumors of an affair and love child with Denzel Washington.
"She said she was extremely disappointed by Essence. She would expect this behavior from a tabloid, not a magazine that is supposed to celebrate black women," said a source.

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Isn't it sad that I read 'pen is' as 'penis'? I guess I won't be playing russian roulette anytime soon.

By Blogger E, at December 14, 2005  

Rapper dude was a dumb azz. Who holds a loaded gun to their head and pulls the trigger THREE times? Jammed sch-mammed... who takes that risk? Dumb azzes. Not that he deserved to die... but the collective IQ of ohio rose a point with his passing.

And this superman hoopla is stoopid. Who exactly would be offended by the larger bulge? And who is looking down there during a superman movie anyway? Now, because of this controversy, EVERYONE will be... and wait til the dvd comes out after... Superman Uncut... I can see the porno spoofs now... lol

By Blogger prodigalsun, at December 14, 2005  

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