December 27, 2005


Hey lovers,I loved you all like lovers...well, not you that gave me the Canal Street Gift Card for X-Mas.

Well I have good news and bad news.The good news is that I was/am/will always be fabulous and because of Hollyhood Blogazine so are you.The bad news is that this is my last week posting on HollyHood.Yes folks it's the end of my brainchild...a place that was part blog and part magazine that covered topics from Hollywood to the hood and at the same time columns on living glam(not to mention it was also gay friendly).

This blog originally was started to prove to a nasty reader of my other blog(which is also nearing retirement),that people indeed wanted to hear about the things that I wrote about.
I'm retiring to move on to some really great ventures and I thank you all for reading,commenting and just stopping by.

Sure it was "just a blog" to everybody else but to me it was creating something from scratch.It was writing,researching,and punching up articles and finding interesting pics that people would find hot.
I get an incredible amount of daily hits and I would like all of those hits to find other great blogs such as mines(though it'll be here are a few:

rod 2.0 beta
Crunk & Disorderly

Inciting A Riot
young black and fabulous
perez hilton
and many many others that specialize in pop culture.

So, enjoy this final edition of Hollyhood's been a pleasure.
Remember to see the glam in everything and everyone...including Bobby Brown.
Thanks for visiting my's been fabulous.Now,you ain't got to go home...but your ass can't stay here.Actually you can come back as long as this blog is up...I have months of archives.Have a great 06' and make it as fab as you can dream.
Byeeeeee and smooches!

13 comment(s):

Sorry to read that this is your last blog. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I hope that you change your mind and continue to entertain us.

By Anonymous Tiffanie, at December 27, 2005  


By Blogger NegroPino™, at December 27, 2005  

Wow. For some reason, I believe you are leaving for real.

Most people just re-create themselves after they announce their retirement and delete their blogs.

~B, it was nice!

By Blogger SMW, at December 27, 2005  

G'bye miss thang...

Your blog was one of my daily reads and I am sad to see ya go. But I have enjoyed all of your great posts thus far....

By Blogger Sylvia, at December 27, 2005  

you had a great run... thanks for everything.

By Blogger Lene, at December 27, 2005  

I really hate to hear that this is your last blog. I enjoyed reading your "gossip to go", but I do understand. It is a huge committment keeping up a blog especially one with as much info as yours has.

Anyhoo, do take care and you'll be missed!

Wishing You Very Happy Holidays!!!

By Blogger "N" Search of Ecstasy, at December 28, 2005  

You will be missed!

By Blogger, at December 28, 2005  

To paraphrase Thelma Houston, don't leave us this waaaaaaaay.

Well, I'm sorry to see you go, HollyHood, but I'm sure that however you reinvent yourself it'll be firece and oh-so-fabulous. And thanks for the linkage. Please keep in touch.

By Blogger Butta, at December 28, 2005  

So sad to see you go. I looked forward to reading your stuff always made me laugh. Why who why?
I love you and have a great 06 too.

Please reconsider!!!

By Blogger Stone, at January 07, 2006  

Sory to se you go I would love to talk to and talk to you about writing in my magazine very very very serious, hit me back or or or working on myspace page

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 15, 2006  

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