December 26, 2005


Living in NYC,it's considered taboo in my circles to not go out and be seen partying your ass off at some overcrowded V.I.P. room at some overcrowded over priced over-rated club.
Since I was 16 years old,I have been out clubhopping and getting drunk on New Year's Eve.Crazy?Maybe,but I have had so much fun on that night that it should have been illegal(quiet as kept..a lot of times it was).

Now that I'm 25 and have done the New Years Eve thing in Sydney,Los Angeles,New Orleans,Paris and of course NYC,I have this whole "been there and done that" attitude going on.This year I will be doing it up very simple...8 of me and my friends(well 4 of us and our guests) will be going to my winter place in Vermont for an elegant dining experience,drinks,some classic movies,a little jacuzzying(yes it's a verb now),and a pajama jam.It's simple,it's classy,it's not too expensive,and it's intimate...the total opposite of my New Years' past.If you're looking to spend New Year's Eve simplified,inexpensive and with little planning then here are some ideas for you.

Pajama/Sleepover Jam
This is a great party for girlfriends,(or 2 snaps..."girlfriends") or for a few couples you love spending time with.Here's how to:
Create a theme for the evening.(movies,card games,naked twister,etc...)
Determine how many people you can invite by assessing your accommodations. If additional bedding is needed, break out blow-up mattresses.
Advise guests to bring PJs and hold off on dessert.
Make the start time around 9pm so friends can have an early dinner elsewhere and still show up with enough energy for some fun.
Serve a buffet of mini desserts such as truffles, tiny fruit tarts, small cookies and one-bite brownies. Include a sparkling wine as well as regular and decaf coffee. And of course some bubble for the midnight drink.
Create a bedtime gift bag for each guest that includes soap, a toothbrush, mini toothpaste and some slippers. (Costco)
Stock up on items for an easy and light breakfast: scrambled eggs, fresh fruit, pastries and coffee.
Encourage friends to change into their jammies the minute they arrive.

Girlfriends' Spa Night
Gather the girls and turn over your New Year's leaf with a healthy, rejuvenating evening of pampering...for the happily single divas of the world.
Keep the guest list small and manageable.
Serve light,elegant snacks such as salmon pâté atop cucumber wheels, crudités with a yogurt dip, skewers of prosciutto and cantaloupe, chicken salad in endive leaves and bonbons or chocolate-dipped strawberries or some hot wings and chili you. Splurge ‑- literally and figuratively ‑- and let the champagne flow freely.
Burn soothing scented candles in each room.
Create spa stations... Design a facial table complete with home dermabrasion kits and masks, facial cleanser, moisturizer, enough facecloths for all guests and hair bands for pulling back long hair. Add a mani-pedi area. Consider hiring a manicurist to do each guest's fingers or toes, or ask a talented friend to do the honors. Be sure to include nail polish remover, cotton balls, a selection of nail polishes, clippers and files, toe separators, foot cream, a few soaking tubs, hand towels and flip-flops.
Play fun music and watch movies with sexy men in them or chick flix...or if you're freaky like me and my girls...a little gay porn.

Invite each guest to write a letter that outlines all of the things she wants to get rid of in the coming year and then burn them. It'll definitely set a promising tone for the evening and the year.

How about having a New Years Day Brunch...
Spread the word to friends right away about your brunch.Have your home set up with a warming decor and plenty of food.
Prepare recipes that can be made in advance: a large vegetable fritatta that can be served at room temperature, sausage links and silver dollar size pancakes (warm both, covered, in the oven) with hot maple syrup, good strong coffee and plenty of orange juice.
Set up a buffet in the living room or dining room and create extracomfy sitting areas with floor pillows.
Make a toast to a fabulous new year!

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