December 18, 2005


The Doze Alert slips behind your ear and monitors your head position. When it senses that you're nodding off, it shrieks into your ear, preventing you from falling asleep at the wheel.
You can order one direct from the official site today for roughly $40.

Microsoft Fingerprint Reader restricts access to your PC and specific applications on it to you -- or someone who cuts your finger off.
The Fingerprint Reader is available for purchase on

Danby's Countertop Dishwasher can handle up to four table settings, but is only 17 inches high.Find a list of retailers at

Brookstone's SongCube stereo can store up to 80 gigs' worth of music(20,000 songs) -- uploaded from your PC or ripped directly off CDs.
You can order it from Brookstone today for $699

Light sensors ensure that the LEDs on the front of the Brightfeet slippers will only illuminate when you need them to. Like when you're stumbling around in the dark about to kick the cat in the head.
Brightfeet slippers for men and women retail online for around $40

Turn this LCD tv on and it shows through the mirror that it's built into; turn it off, and it doesn't. The Seura Television Mirror starts at around $3,000 (U.S.). Check

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